Ben Garraud · Work

Versatile senior Creative Technologist with 5 years commercial experience. During his career Ben has worked with the following clients Mercedes, Universal music, 3 Mobile, Samsung, WWF, Royal Navy, National express, Royal Mail and SMART to name just a few. Whilst working with these clients he has been responsible for technical direction and development of high profile and innovative campaign sites, Web applications and large scale accessible websites.


Adobe Flash

  • Advanced knowledge of ActionScript 3 and ActionScript 2.
  • Comfortable using Flash IDE, Flex, Flash develop and Eclipse
  • Experience with design patterns
  • OOP approach using frameworks including Pure MVC and Robotlegs


  • Unobtrusive, class based approach.
  • DHTML, AJAX and DOM knowledge.
  • Experience with jQuery and Mootools frameworks


  • Experience using design patterns
  • MVC based frameworks including Yii and Codeigniter
  • Database design and management


  • Standards based accessible approach
  • Experience building DDA (AA/AAA) compliant sites
  • Focused on using the latest techniques on newer browsers while still maintaining support for legacy browsers.